The main objective of the Movement is to bring children’s issues to the attention of their respective governments, regional bodies and the international public as a whole for better policies, and action. It will

  1. Contribute to the emergence of an African voice for children,
  2. Advocate and lobby for the promotion and protection of the best interests of the child in Africa at the national and pan-African levels,
  3. Promote solidarity and provide mutual support and collaboration amongst child rights organizations,
  4. Promote accountability amongst child rights organizations with respect to the children under their care,
  5. Provide mutual support to child-focused organizations by way of exchange of information and experiences. By so doing, organizations would benefit from each other’s strengths and reduce duplication of efforts
  6. Promote children’s views and active and meaningful participation
  7. Promote protection of child-rights defenders and raise concerns where they are threatened
  8. Promote accountability amongst child rights organizations by, for example, pointing out the need for commitments to standards and contribute to the nurturing of Pan-Africanism