Current Custodians

Mr Léon Bertrand ENAMA


Mr Léon Bertrand Enama is a Custodian of the AfricaWide Movement for Children (AMC), representing Central Africa. He is a teacher and educator of human rights in Cameroon. A lawyer by training, he has gained extensive knowledge on human
rights issues through his past work experience.  Mr Enama has been actively engaged with civil society organisations (CSOs) at the national level. He has led several CSOs in the fields of teenagers’ reproductive health and malaria. From 2004 to 2009, he has been very much involved with the Cameroon Red Cross, serving as a Permanent Secretary of the Red-Cross in the capital city Yaoundé. Since 2006, he has been a member of two coalitions: the Cameroon Education for All Network (CEFAN), a coalition of CSOs working on education-related issues, and the Cameroon Coalition of CSOs for Children’s Rights (COCADE) where he is a member of its management board. Since 2010, Mr Enama has been a member of the Management Board and the Executive Secretary of the International Day of African Childhood and its Youths in Cameroon (IDAY – Cameroon), a member of IDAY International which is a platform for CSOs dealing with children’s rights to education.