Current Custodians

Mrs Stella Ayo-Odongo


Mrs Stella Ayo-Odongo, Executive Director of the Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN), is a Custodian of the AfricaWide
Movement for Children (AMC). Mrs Ayo-Odongo has worked in the development field for over 15 years and has particularly gained extensive knowledge and experience in advocating for vulnerable groups such as the el-derly and children.

In the last five years she spearheaded several advocacy initiatives at national, regional and international levels particularly on child rights concerns.

Mrs Ayo-Odongo has been extensively involved in technical services at national and regional levels. Some of these engagements include: evaluation of the child labour programme and facilitating theĀ  development of a national child labour policy for the KURET Initiative in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda, evaluation of the mental health programme for Mental Health Uganda, Team Leader for the Child Protection Advocacy Report for The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF), Team Leader for the Contextual Analysis on the Situation of Children for the International Child Support Programme, facilitating the development of a National Child Participation Guideline for Uganda, and contributing
to the generation of a national Situational Analysis Report on the situation of children.