Current Custodians

Dr Atangcho Nji Akonumbo


Dr Atangcho Nji Akonumbo, an Associate Professor of Law and the Vice-Dean in Charge of Research and Cooperation at the
University of Yaounde II, is a Custodian of the AfricaWide Movement for Children (AMC).   His main fields of expertise are human rights law, corporate law and intellectual property. He is a Cameroonese national. Since 1997, Dr. Atangcho Nji Akonumbo has been a lecturer and a professor of law in several universities in Cameroon, South Africa, and in the USA. He has also been a very active expert providing legal advice and drafting laws in the areas of intellectual property and human rights issues since 1998 in Cameroon, South Africa, Ethiopia, Congo, Senegal, Nigeria, Tanzania, Gambia, and the USA.

Dr. Atangcho Nji Akonumbo has also been involved in a number of publications, both in French and in English, on various topics such as civil law, corporate law, intellectual property, conflict settlement, criminal law and human rights law, including child rights.

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