Current Custodians

Mr Eric Shemweta Guga


Mr Eric Shemweta Guga is a Custodian of the AfricaWide Movement for Children (AMC), representing Eastern Africa. He is a child rights activist and the coordinator of the Tanzania Child Rights Forum (TCRF), a national coalition of more than 100 NGOs working with children on child rights issues in Tanzania.   He has experience and extended knowledge and skills on issues pertaining to protection and promotion of children’s rights accumulated from over 12 years of extensive work with community, national and international organisations, including the United Nations. Mr Guga is known for his strong facilitation skills and innovative ideas in Tanzania which led to the formation of the National Children’s Council, a participation platform named- “Junior Council of the United Republic of Tanzania” and the establishment of TCRF. He has contributed a lot to a number of existing programmes including the Most Vulnerable Children Response Initiatives, the Complementary Basic Education in Tanzania and Child Protection System Strengthening initiatives which are in operation in Tanzania.

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