Governance Structure


The General Assembly :

The General Assembly is made up of all members, representing, inter alia, African and international NGOs, national coalitions and networks, pan-African instituitions and organisations as well as individualsengaged in children's issues.

The Custodians:

The AMC is governed by Custodians elecetd by the AMC's General Assemblky. The AMC has six custodians, five of whom represenrt the sub-regions of Africa and a President. A custodian is accountable first and foremost to his/her Regional  Assembly which nominates him/her and to the General Assembly whcih confirms the nomination. Custodians are nominated for a maximum of two consecutive terms of two years.

The Secretariat:

The activities of the AMC are coordinated by a Secretariat, based at the African Child Policy Forum, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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