Message from the President

Dear Custodians, AMC Members, Partners, Friends and Children,

I send you warm season greetings as we come to the end of another year that has been characterized with so much suffering for children around the world and particularly here in Africa, notwithtanding our collective efforts to bring the child rights agenda to the appropriate forum.

Conflicts in Northern Nigeria, Cameroun, Niger, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa Republic, South Sudan, Somalia and the deaths in the high seas of young children and their mothers is a grim reminder to us all to do more to secure a quality of life for our children that we can all be proud of as Africans.

As we continue to engage in the discourse of crafting the next Development Agenda Post 2015, we need to remain conscious of the unfinished business especially in respect of the African child. The challenges facing the African child are increasingly becoming a matter that transcends one country and investment in children in one country will not make a difference when next door the children have no access to basic services and their rights are not respected.