Our Programmes

AMC's activities are anchored around three mutually supportive programmes. These are

1. Enabling Environment for Child Growth and Development

Under this programme , AMC, its members and partners coalesce efforts to advocate for policies and practices that collectively redress obstacles to optimal child wellbeing. Specific activities derived from the following undertakings :

  • Research and preparation of status reports on 'Africa fit for Children' Commitments.
  • Monitoring and reporting on key impediments to optimal development of children.
  • Campaigning for greater attention and support to child rights advocacy organisations and activists.
  • Creating spaces and hosting forums to share experiences on child rights advocacy, best practices and innovations.
  • Engagement with relevant National, Africa-Wide an International organs responsible for Children.

2. Children in Governance

This programme focuses on harnessing the authentic voice of Africa's children in governance and development processes at country, regional and global level. It is premised on the fact that many African countries children constitute the largest portion of the population and thus their voices cannot be peripheral. Though this programme, AMC working with and through members at country level will develop specific activities around the following undertakings:

  • Children's participation in key governance and development processes at country level.
  • Supporting children to develop visions about society and the Africa they aspire for.
  • Children's debates on key wellbeing and development issues at country and continental level.
  • Exchange programmes to enable children learn from one another and in different contexts.

3. Outreach and Membership Servicing

AMC values learning and believes in a 'capacity building by doing' approach. Through this programme, AMC will focus on enhancing the capacity of its members to better carry out their mandates and contribute to the realisation of AMC's vision, mission and strategic objectives. Key undertakings under this programme will include:

  • Organising tailor made training for members on seletcted demand-driven themes.
  • Continous documentation and profiling of the work of members at regional and global levels,
  • Facilitating members to engage at regional and international fora.