Civil Society Forum Pledge on Ending Violence against Children

On the occasion of the first Solutions Summit to End Violence against Children, we the leaders of African Child Policy Forum, ARIGATOU International, CPC Learning Network Child Fund Alliance,  Child Helpline International Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment, Girls not Brides, ISPCAN, One Third, Promundo, Plan International, Save the Children, SOS Villages International and World Vision International are coming together as a Civil Society Forum to End Violence against Children to pledge our support to End Violence.

As formal Partners of End Violence- Global Partnership, and as child focused organisations reaching together more than 2 billion children globally, we pledge to contribute to implement the End Violence Business Plan, through:

  1. Keeping ending violence against children at the top of our organisational agendas, through our programmatic and advocacy work, in development and humanitarian contexts. We will prioritise work with the most excluded and vulnerable children, including those who are displaced, living in conflict or emergency settings, children with disabilities and those most at risk of gender-based violence, especially girls..
  2. Continuing to support children in their efforts in speaking up and bringing to light the violence they experience and their action to bring it to an end. We will involve children and young people as agents of change, and support them in monitoring and following up on commitments made by all those who have a responsibility to act.
  3. Continuing to contribute our experience, resources, and evidence to support End Violence - Global Partnership.
  4. Continuing to work collaboratively to end violence against children at national, regional and international in a holistic and collaborative way with all the stakeholders involved and levels and with all stakeholders and sectors.
  5. Maintaining or increase our financial commitment to ending violence against children.
  6. Striving to improve the quality of our programmes and build on existing evidence-based and gender-responsive solutions to ending violence against children.
  7. Safeguarding from harm to the maximum possible extent all children involved in our programmes by strictly enforcing and monitoring our Child Safeguarding Policies and Codes of Conduct.

Stockholm, 15 February 2018