Prof. Atangcho Akonumbo, Official legal advisor to the Board of Custodians

Prof. Atangcho Nji Akonumbo, an Associate Professor of Law and the Vice-Dean in Charge of Research and Cooperation at the University of Yaounde II, is an Official legal advisor to the Board of Custodians of the AfricaWide Movement for Children (AMC).

His main fields of expertise are human rights law, corporate law and intellectual property. He is a Cameroonian national. Since 1997, Dr. Atangcho Nji Akonumbo has been a lecturer and a professor of law in several universities in Cameroon, South Africa, and in the USA. He has also been a very active expert providing legal advice and drafting laws in the areas of intellectual property and human rights issues since 1998 in Cameroon, South Africa, Ethiopia, Congo, Senegal, Nigeria, Tanzania, Gambia, and the USA.

Prof. Atangcho Nji Akonumbo has also been involved in a number of publications, both in French and in English, on various topics such as civil law, corporate law, intellectual property, conflict settlement, criminal law and human rights law, including child rights.

Mr MacBain Mkadawire: Representing Southern Africa

Mr MacBain Mkandawire is a Custodian of the AfricaWide Movement for Children (AMC) reelected to represent Southern Africa.

He is the Executive Director of Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO), a local NGO in Malawi that works on a number of issues including HIV and AIDS, drug and substance abuse, mental health, women and girls’ empowerment, youth development, care and support for HIV and AIDS affected persons among others.

He serves as Vice Chair in the Executive Committee of the Civil Society Coalition on Quality Basic Education (CSQBE), a network of civil society organisations working in the education sector in Malawi. Mr Mkandawire is also the National Representative and Contact Point for the Southern Africa Child Rights Reference Group, a group initiated by Save the Children. In addition to this, he is the National Coordinator of the National Child Helpline Services of Malawi, a programme of the Government of Malawi. He is also the Regional Coordinator for Africa of the Pan Commonwealth Civil Society Network on HIV and AIDS. From 2008 to 2010 he was the Regional Representative for Africa and Board Member of Child Helpline International.

Mr Mkandawire holds a Master of Science degree in Leadership and Change Management from the University of Leeds Metropolitan in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor’s degree in Education (Science). His research interests are in mental health, HIV/AIDS and youth development. He has also done research in the areas of girls’ education and sexual abuse of children.

Mr Mohamadou Lamine Cissé, President, AMC

Mr Mohamadou Lamine Cissé is the President of the AfricaWide Movement for Children (AMC).

He is a human rights activist and expert on matters of children deprived of liberty and the current Administrator of the International Observatory for Democracy and the Prevention of Crisis and Conflict (OIDEC), as well as the country representative of the Frederich Naumann Foundation in Mali since 2013 for the management of special funds as part of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ support to Mali’s stability.

Previously the Executive Secretary of the Africa Bureau of “Envarts SOS Déshérité International” from 1997 to 2010, an NGO reaching 23 African, he was in charge of humanitarian affairs for the Envarts International office based in London, UK. Prior to this, he was in charge of humanitarian affairs in the office of Envarts International in London, UK. He has also served as a deputy representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Lisbon, Portugal.

Mr Cisse is the honorary president since 2014 after presiding it for 10 years of the Malian Coalition for the Defence of the Rights of the Child (CMDRC) that has a membership of 102 national and international organisations. He also served as Vice President of the International Observatory of Prisons (IOP) Office that is based in Lima (Peru), up until 2015. He is a member of the committee to monitor the regional agreement of collaboration to fight interstate child trafficking between Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Côte d'Ivoire. Mr Cissé is also a member of the National High Council for the Fight against AIDS, which is chaired by the President of the Republic of Mali.

He has a Master’s degree in Sociology from the Universiades Lusofona de Humanidades é Tecnologias (ULHT) in Lisbon, Portugal and a Master of International Humanitarian Law in human rights. He has published on juvenile justice and prison overcrowding.

Mrs Solange Bassinga Traoré: Representing Western Africa

Mrs Solange Bassinga/Traoré is a Custodian of the AfricaWide Movement for Children (AMC), representing West Africa and replacing former Custodian, Mohammadou Lamine Cissé.

Mrs Bassinga is the President of the Burkina Faso Coalition for the Rights of the Child (COBUFADE). She is also a member of the FEEREN Association and the «Sirayiri» Association. Mrs Bassinga coordinates, moderates and gives trainings on child rights and human rights all over West Africa and internationally.

Mrs Azab A Boto Lydie Christiane: Representing Central Africa

Mrs Azab A Boto Lydie Christiane is a Custodian of the AfricaWide Movement for Children (AMC), representing Central Africa and replacing former Custodian, Enama Leon.

She is a Philosophy major and a doctoral candidate in Philosophy at the University of Yaoundé I, where she teaches Moral and Political Philosophy. Also a collaborator at the “École Citoyenne et Politique de Yaoundé” (Political and Citizenship School of Yaoundé), Christiane Boto is the patron of the “Fruits d’Afrique, ensemble, pensons aux autres” Foundation.